Kaywos, Inc. is the original exclusive supplier of the Zap Cloth®.


In 1999, Kaywos, Inc. was founded by owner Bryan Pinkham in Bradenton, Florida. Kaywos, Inc. is a small, family run business. Please visit About Us on the Zap Cloth Official Home Website if you are interested in reading more About Us.

Business Opportunity

We consider ourselves truly blessed to have been introduced to this wonderful product. One of our goals is to share this success with others. Contact us for a lucrative and enjoyable business opportunity. Not only will people buy the Zap Cloth, they’ll love it, reorder it, and many will thank you for introducing the Zap Cloth to them.
Please take the time to view the training videos on this website. The videos are actual footage taken at a flea market.
Please feel free to visit our official Zap Cloth Website Distributor Information page for more information on becoming a distributor and please Contact Us with any questions you may have.
Thank you and may God Bless You,
Bryan Pinkham
Owner Kaywos, Inc.
1111 26th Ave. E.
Unit B
Bradenton, FL. 34208
Phone: 855-927-7873 (855-zap-streaks)
Website: www.zapcloth.net
Email: Contact Us