We partitioned our Dealer Instructional Demo into 7 videos. Order is important! The first time you watch them, please start with the introduction and continue in order to get the most out of them. We have included the approximate times for each video FYI.

The following quick links are provided for convenience. You may also scroll down the page to view the videos.

1. Watch "Introduction" (9:19 minutes)

2. Watch "Key Points" (1:22 minutes)

3. Watch "Setting Up The Table" (0:24 minutes)

4. Watch "The Demo" (2:21 minutes)

5. Watch "The Demo Dissected" (8:25 minutes)

6. Watch "Closing The Sale" (4:43 minutes)

7. Watch "Dash Stick Demo" (5:04 minutes)

1. Introduction: Let's review the details that will help you achieve successful sales! (9:19_minutes)

2. Key Points: Watch the demo for these keys to successful sales! (1:22_minutes)

3. Setting Up The Table: We sell sales aids to help you! (0:24_minutes)

4. The Demo: This is the demo that you need to memorize to be successful! (2:21_minutes)

5. The Demo Dissected: Here we break down the demo into manageable parts! (8:25_minutes)

6. Closing The Sale: Learn tips that will help you sell! (4:43_minutes)

7. Dash Stick Demo: The Dash Stick draws attention! (5:04_minutes)

If you are unable to play the videos, please send us an email detailing the problem you are having and any error messages. Please include the web browser & web browser version you are using, along with the device and operating system & operating system version you are using. Thank You!