Please click on the video play button for tips on how to successfully sell the Zap Dash Stick

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Why should I sell the Zap Dash Stick?

The Zap Dash Stick is a wonderful complement to selling the Zap Cloth.
Please view our Zap Cloth Distributor Demo Video, as well, for tips on selling the Zap Cloth.

How do I become a Zap Cloth distributor?

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of the Zap Cloth, please read the Distributor Information on the Zap Cloth Website ( and fill out an application.
After approving your application, we will email you the distributor access code which will give you access to our special pricing for distributors only.

How do I order products?

Please go to the Zap Cloth Official Website ( to order products.

If you are unable to play the video, please send us an email detailing the problem you are having and any error messages. Please include the web browser & web browser version you are using, along with the device and operating system & operating system version you are using. Thank You!